ICS1000NIR Microscope




The Reltron ICS1000NIR microscope system is an easy to use near infrared microscope optimized for imaging in the 600 to 1200nm octave.


  • Integrated Circuit backside prep inspection and viewing through the bulk silicon
  • Remaining silicon thickness measurement
  • Analysis of silicon structures
  • Portable photon emission with (with camera upgrade)
  • Laser diode inspection

Standard Features

Optional Features

ICS1000NIR Image Gallery


IC Backside NanoPrep

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Inspection of the work surface of a flip-chip IC during backside prep is important to ensure quality results. The image to the left is the surface of a device being backside prepped using the state-of-the-art RKD NanoPrep. The device is being readied for backside photon emission. No attempt was made to remove all the debris on the surface for this image capture. The ICS1000NIR was then focused down to the circuitry below. This is the image to the right. The remaining silicon thickness measured with the ICS1000NIR in this example is 220um. Note how the integrated monochromatic illuminator of our system can penetrate the backside silicon and generate sharp images, even with the debris!

IC Backside Imaging through 53um of silicon. 140X optical mag; ICS1000 Imaging Software Suite can automatically label image with date, time, and scale information at the press of a button.


View of monocrystalline silicon solar cell with a microcrack; 20x objective

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