The ICS1000PEM Photon Emission Microscope from Reltron is a modular design centered around an ergonomic Integrated Control System that combines ease of use with outstanding measurement precision.

For locating IC failures, front and backside, with unmatched simplicity, efficiency and accuracy, the ICS1000PEM redefines Photon Emission Microscopy. It’s a tool for all of us.

  • Gate oxide breakdown
  • Current flow across p-n junctions
  • Hot electron effects
  • CMOS Latch-up
  • EOS/ESD damage
  • Saturated MOS devices
  • Analog MOSFETs

The Reltron Advantage

  • Excellent sensitivity
  • Ease of use
  • Economical
  • Upgrade path to LSM and flashFMI Thermal Hot Spot Detection
  • MULTIWAVE proprietary illuminator allows for visible, NIR, UV, and true-color imaging without changing hardware setup at the click of a button!
  • Our sensors use true lifetime vacuum seals for unsurpassed reliability
  • We do not use analog RS170 sensors - only high bit-depth progressive scan cameras

Standard Features

  • Front-Illuminated Enhanced NIR 1.4Mpixel camera; air peltier-cooled to -45degC.
  • Microscope optimized for NIR photon emission
  • ICS1000 PEM Software Suite running on Win XP Pro/Vista/Win7
  • MULTIWAVE 6-wavelength SW-controlled Illuminator
  • 2-Chan Keithley power supplies and SW IV curve tracer

Optional Features

  • InGaAs Camera; air peltier-cooled to -50degC
  • Back-illuminated Deep Depletion Camera; air peltier-cooled to -100deg.
  • 4-channel Keithley DUT power supply and software IV curve tracer
  • flashFMI Thermal Hot Spot detection
  • Motorized Focus Block, Turret, X-Y stage
  • Custom Dark Box
  • Anti-Vibration Table
  • Probe Station
  • DUT Temperature Controller:  Fast Heating and Cooling Control Chuck
  • High Voltage (up to 5KV) DUT Power Supply and software IV curve tracer


Our CAD navigation feature allows efficient identification of circuit net associated with photon emission or hot spot

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