Welcome to Reltron Lab Services and Consulting

Reltron and its affiliates provide laboratory test services and engineering consulting in the following areas:

  • semiconductor failure analysis
  • photovoltaic device characterization
  • RF circuit design/test
  • Software/hardware design for automated test equipment setups

With facilities in Santa Clara, Rohnert Park, and Singapore, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation. service@reltron.com

Semiconductor Failure Analysis Contract Services

  • Sample preparation - decapsulation and backside prep
  • Photon Emission Microscopy (front and back side)
  • High Rez Thermal Hot Spot Detection using our proprietary flashFMI system
  • Solving difficult yield issues
  • Technical Reports

Semiconductor Failure Analysis Consulting

  • Machine Model Latch-up
  • ESD/EOS/Latch-up differentiations
  • Failure Analysis training
  • Root Cause Analysis

Photovoltaic Contract Services

  • Solar cell series and shunt resistance mapping
  • Solar cell minority carrier relative diffusion length measurement
  • Solar module defect localization
  • High power light IV curve tracing and parameter extraction
  • Dark IV curve tracing and parameter extraction
  • Technical Reports

Engineering Consulting

  • Software automation of equipment setup ( C++, LabVIEW )
  • RF test and electronics engineering
  • Design of custom photovoltaic test hardware and software

Services Provided by Reltron Affiliate Persis Labs

  • SEM, EDX, CSAM and X-ray
  • Cross Section and Lapping
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