The Reltron flashFMI Thermal Hot Spot Detection system provides the fastest, most economical, high spatial resolution thermal detection system for integrated circuits.

By precisely timing the high-bit depth camera frames relative to modulation of the DUT bias and UV illumination, we can measure the thermal profile of the component at any time interval (>1mS) after the application of power, or the application of a clock, or any desired user event.

  • Short localization
  • Temperature profiling
  • Heat Diffusion/Spreading
  • Hot Spots
  • Power Dissipation Studies

The Reltron Advantage

  • Low resolution, high cost, IR camera not needed
  • Ease of use
  • Excellent spatial resolution
  • Heat vs. Time capability
  • Can use same EMMI CCD camera
  • 360nm UV light source can be used for UV Imaging
  • Very Economical
  • Through-the-lens UV application
  • Can use high magnification objectives
  • flashFMI Thermal can be added to any existing EMMI system! Call us today for a demo.

Standard Features

  • 1.4Mpixel maximum image resolution
  • Intuitive flashFMI Software GUI
  • MULTIWAVE 6-wavelength SW-controlled Illuminator
  • Single channel Keithley power supply and SW IV curve tracer

Optional Features

  • 4-channel Keithley DUT power supply and software IV curve tracer
  • Custom Dark Box
  • Anti-Vibration Table
  • Probe Station
  • DUT Temperature Controller:  Fast Heating and Cooling Control Chuck
  • High Voltage (up to 5KV) DUT Power Supply and software IV curve tracer


Our CAD navigation feature allows efficient identification of circuit net associated with photon emission or hot spot

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